Lake Carmi Pictures & Videos

images\ncs\capture Color View of Lake Carmi(taken every 1 minute)         Westcott Shore Live Video

Cameras in downtown Franklin

   Streaming Video - Main Street Franklin VT - Looking South
   Streaming Video - Main Street Franklin VT - Looking North
   Snapshot - Main Street Franklin VT
   Past Timelapse - Main Street Franklin VT

Collection of Eagle Videos Click here
      If you download the PC files labeled "application" to your computer - you can save the videos to your PC, and replay them.
      Additionally you can click on the controls to go frame by frame, to see some of the details.
      The .mov files seem to work well on Apples, Smartphones and PCs

5/7/20 - Check this Chipmunk in Highgate VT Click Here

9/6/18 Here is a Blue Heron having breakfast on             Blue Heron

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If you see something of interest on any of the cameras, please email us at: so we can check it out and possibly put a more detailed video up for all to see. - 10 Day Forecast